Our People

We're an open and vibrant congregation committed to being a welcoming presence in Baltimore. Jeans, skirts and sandals are as welcome as suits, dresses, and church hats. Our taste in music ranges from hymns and spirituals to Kirk Franklin and MercyMe. And our members range in age from 8 months to 80+ years.  So if you're looking for a new church home, or if you've never set foot in a church before, there's a place and a purpose here for you!

Our Past, Present, and Future

CCSUMC is celebrating over 200 years of ministry in Baltimore. Our founding dates back to the beginnings of Methodism in the United States. While we're extremely proud of our history, we're not bound by it. We're theologically and technologically progressive. Our church will never forget where we came from, but will always be dedicated to the God and the community we serve, now and in the future. 

Centennial UMC

Centennial United Methodist Church, circa 1985